Local paper ahoy! It’s me and #nissanLEAF21 in the Herts Ad!

It’s nice to generate interest locally in the Nissan LEAF I’m currently trialling as part of Nissan’s Big Turn On campaign, so when the local paper got wind of what was happening, I was more than happy to have a chat with them on the phone and pose in as cheesy a manner as possible for some photos. Reaction has been very positive, apart from one elderly gent in a Citroen who got cross with me because I wouldn’t mount the pavement so he could drive on my side of the road.

As it says in the picture (click for full size), I have been really surprised by how much like a normal car the LEAF is when it comes to practicality as drive-ability. So much so, I’m going to be sad to say goodbye to it next week when the trailer comes to pick it up. Wonder if they’ll let me keep the decals as a memento..

Only problem is, I forgot to hold my tummy in…

It’s the way my shirt is hanging, I’m not that fat. Honest

I’m in a competition as part of the Big Turn On to win a Nissan LEAF, you can read about it and vote for me (if you want to) here.