I’ll name that tune in one

a taste of things to come from years ago

The boy is an inherently musical chap in ways that I’m evidentially not. That’s not to say I don’t love listening to music but if you’ve heard the theme tune to my vlog, the DaddaCool Show, you’ll know that as far as reproducing anything vaguely sounding like music comes, I’m near the bottom of the heap.

If you ignore the fact the boy is a big fan of 80’s rock group Boston, his taste in music is pretty good. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious he has a real ear for it. I find him humming songs or theme tunes pretty much perfectly after seeing a film once or twice or listening to an album in the car a handful of times. I couldn’t work out the tune he was humming endlessly last week until Fifi demanded to watch Cars 2 and lo and behold, it was the main theme tune from the film.

This leads on naturally to the question of whether we should encourage* him to take up a musical instrument. The boy and his sister recently slightly knackered wifey’s Fender, so the guitar is off the menu at the moment and there is no way on God’s green earth I am every going to agree to a drum-kit, and besides, drummers seem prone to die young (John Bonham and Keith Moon being the two obvious causalities), so that leaves either the keyboard, recorder or the ukulele. And the ukulele is subpoenaed for blogging purposes for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately music TV is a bit sexual for a 5 year old, too much groinal gyrating and cleveage, and whilst I can see the benefits, I’d rather he didn’t at his age, so at the moment it’s mini-disco time until I can suss it out a bit more…

*he’s a boy. “Encourage” is a   euphemism  for “push” because given the choice he’d just sit on the sofa all day.