Isabel Ashdown and the NACOA Literary Dinner

A couple of Thursdays back I ventured out for some top scoff and bookish stuff at St Albans Town Hall. The evening was in aid of NACOA UK, the National Association for Children Of Alcoholics.

L-R: author, sponsor & organiser

It’s only a small charity but does perform an incredibly valuable service. There are apparently over 1m homes where kids are growing up with a parent that has a serious alcohol problem. NACOA is there for these kids. If it’s something you’d like to get involved in, be it with a donation or other form of support, their information page should help you out.

The evening was well supported by Lussmann’s, Sopwell House, and Waterstones, as well, obviously, by local author Isabel Ashdown.

It was nice to recognise the odd face from outside our book group, like Jessica Chivers. Not that I’m suggesting she has an odd face you understand! I may have quaffed rather too much wine but it certainly wasn’t the company that drove me to it, nor the food or the talk from the author. I find it interesting to hear how writers develop their ideas and progress their writing, so it was fascinating to hear Isabel talk about finding a voice for a character and then things happening around that. I suppose it’s the difference between character and plot driven writing. Or something.

Anyway, the astute among you may notice in the following photo’s I am wearing my “I’m being photographed” tee shirt that I invariably get pictured wearing. I’d like to say I have a wardrobe full of identical shirts but sadly that’s not the case. Also, special mention must go to Marcus’s incredible quiff. I don’t need to point him out to you, it should be self evident.