The boiler of DOOM

You know when you move house and are confronted by a clanky old boiler that’s bigger than your fridge? Well that’s what happened to us almost 6 years ago.

Our boilers been like the cantankerous old uncle that’s determined to ruin Christmas for you. In fact, one year it did almost ruin Christmas by packing up on Christmas Eve, just after an 8 and a half months pregnant wifey had been discharged from hospital with a nasty case of pneumonia.

horror film material

We’ve had it serviced but it seems like it’s been on it’s last legs for as long as we’ve known it. So recently we scraped together all our pennies and decided to replace it. No big family holiday for us this year because it’s cost us about 6 times what we normally spend on our summer holiday to replace it! Being a home owner sucks at times, especially when the expenditure isn’t particularly of an improvement nature but is more of a replacement.

Having said that, we decided to replace our old gravity fed system with a pressurised combi boiler. So we could bid farewell to the tanks in the loft… if they weren’t too large to fit through the loft hatch. I need some time with my hacksaw up there.

The kids have had fun watching the plumber trying to keep his language clean as he’s had floorboards up to reroute pipes and everything seems to have fought him every inch of the way.