Clang: THE motion controlled video game to end all motion controlled video games

I randomly spotted the above video whilst looking for something else entirely, such is the joy of the internet! I completely agree with ol’ egg head in the video, the art of sword fighting has been rather poorly simulated in video games up to this point. I think the closest we’ve been so far has probably been the PS1 game(s) Bushido Blade. Bushido Blade used one of the analogue sticks to mimic the movement of the sword, and it wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination. Haven’t tried any of the PS Move of Xbox Kinect stuff but I suspect they’re not very good either.

I hope Clang gets its Kickstarter funding and can make its way forward. I for one look forward to my kids honing their two handed broadsword skills on a home computer before they attempt a roundhouse decapitation in real life. It’s only being responsible isn’t it?