It’s not all work, work, work, you know…


  • crawling around, eating stuff that I shouldn’t;
  • crying to be picked up;
  • crying because I’ve been picked up;
  • crying because I’ve done a massive poo;
  • crying because I’m trying to roll over and you won’t let me while you’re cleaning up my massive poo;
  • stuffing my chops in my Stokke Triptrap while you have lunch;
  • daydreaming about my ideal Christmas present: a high chair and an all you can eat buffet;
  • attacking that fluffy butterfly I can just about reach from my car seat. You are my nemesis and I will have my revenge;
  • cuddling my mummy and making her feel better when she’s tired;
  • keeping my mummy awake all night so I can cuddle her to make her feel better when she’s tired.
No wonder the little fella went to sleep on the living room floor yesterday afternoon!