Virgin Active week 3- some tunes #beyourpersonalbest

When you’re down the gym training hard to get in shape and attempt some triathon-y type stuff, it’s good to listen to some music to get you motivated. Everyone nowadays seems to be listening to high beats per minute (BPM) dance music by people like Arnold Van Helmet and over strange sounding Europeans. Ironically the BPM are typically around 140 for Eurodance while the sort of old fashioned, shaggy-haired heavy metal I used to love is much much faster and anyway, my tastes in dance music only extend as far as ambient trance and that’s likely to send me to sleep on a bike or rowing machine.

So I did what any sane person would do, and came up with my own playlist for the gym. It’s 47 odd minutes long, ranges from Guns N’ Roses You Could Be Mine, to a bit of The Darkness, some Terrorvision, some old school trash from Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer (these guys can hit 350 BPM dudes!) to a bit of extreme widdling from Joe Satriani.

It does work, as I knew it would. When I used to commute to Cambridge Deep Purples Child In Time always made my Vauxhall Nova go faster, and listening to fast music helps me train harder. Even if I am watching War Time Farm with subtitles while I’m at it!