It’s a quality of sleep issue

I can date the age of our mattress pretty easily; we bought it when me moved in together, which was also when we bought our first house together. Which was July 2002. So our mattress is now over ten years old. We spent a fair amount of cash on it back in the day because I figure you spend half your life* asleep so if it’s a decent quality mattress you’ll get a decent nights kip.

Our mattress is one of those orthopaedic jobbies that’s firm  but not too firm and pocket sprung (whatever that means). We vacuum it once in a blue moon and rotate/flip it whenever we’re feeling adventurous. Considering it’s age and the fact that three children were conceived on it, the thing is in remarkably good shape but I am a big bloke which hasn’t helped and I think it’s about time we started looking for a new one.

We have been pointed at Bedstar Mattresses as a place to have a look at a wide range of mattresses. When we decided what to have before, we were sort of limited by the various lines that the high street department stores stocked but this bunch have over 170 kingsize mattresses, including, joy of joys, quite a few with ortho or orthopaedic in the name.

I’m hoping a new mattress will last us quite a bit longer than ten years this time, mostly because we don’t have any of those lovely lazy lie ins that we used to have before the kids demanded to go downstairs and have their breakfast in what is essentially the middle of the night in old money. Of course having said that, with three small kids testing out it’s trampoline tendencies, it might not last as long as I’d hope…

*half your life before you have kids at any rate.