Social Media rocks

I was at Accountants Hall yesterday for an auditing roadshow* when I noticed my chum @Tall_Rich is the mayor on 4SQ. Unsurprising really, he’s a top honcho at a bit firm and really rather clever.

The lecture started off with a brief section on audit reports and covered the disclaimers put in Birmingham City’s 2011 set of audited accounts. It ended with an amusing screenshot from an Aston Villa forum where the lecturer highlighted a post from a user called Pongo Waring. Within 5 minutes I’d found Pongo Waring on twitter and twitpic’d him a photo of the slide:

I haven’t heard back from him yet (he’s not been on twitter since August) but I think he’d like to know his comments about Birmingham have been read out in the audit roadshow held at Birmingham City’s stadium. I’m good like that.

*what an exciting life I lead