Tablet evolution

Time was when everybody laughed at the concept of a tablet. I know at least one ‘tech website that still refers to them as fondleslabs harking back to the days when they didn’t really have a clue who was going to pick up a tablet and what we were going to do with them. Be it a Xperia™ Tablet or whatever, we’ve now properly sussed what’s occurring though.

What do I do with my tablet? Well I’m glad you asked (metaphorically) because there’s an awful lot I get up to. We use one of our tablets to Skype the kids grandparents. In fact my mum and dad were recently in Egypt for a month (lucky so and so’s), which spanned my mum’s 70th birthday. Whilst it obviously saved us the trouble of buying her a cake, we did want to wish her a happy birthday so we had a good old video chat with them on her actual birthday. She also got to see her youngest grandson walk for the first time over the videolink.

Over the last few years tablets have really come on- battery life has improved massively, screens look awesome, and they’ve got so much more powerful. One of the chip manufacturers reckon in a year or two tablet processors will be as powerful as the current crop of home consoles. That’s more than a little big mind boggling.

As the infographic says, over half of people use their tablet to watch video. Personally we often let the kids use a streaming service like Netflix or Lovefilm when we want to watch some proper telly. It even works when we’re out and about because I often tether the tablet to my Android mobile phone. It’s funny really, the screen fidelity and resolution on something like the Xperia™ Tablet is actually streets ahead the first grotty (and lets be honest black and white) portable telly I had in my bedroom when I was growing up, and in the case of the aforementioned tablet, it can also act as a remote control for your telly anyway.

Even though I’ve got a whacking great Core i7 desktop machine at home that can video edit 1080p footage, do special effects and the like, I’ve got a netbook that slips into my manbag when I go out and about, I still tend to do most of the stuff around the house on my tablet. In fact unless I’m writing a blog post as long as this one, I tend to do a lot of my typing on my tablet too. Predictive text is great nowadays and popping a tablet into landscape gives you a pretty good typing experience anyway. I’ll let you into a secret too, I invested in Logmein Ignition and I can actually log on to my desktop PC from my tablet anyway. Heh.
So do you use a tablet? They were even talking about them on Breakfast News this morning, which suggests you probably do. What are your favourite uses for it?

Xperia™ Tablet

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