The Forestry Commission’s crafty Mother’s Day Challenge

Nothing shows your missus the love and attention the kids have put into Mother’s Day less than a card from the high st with the label hurriedly removed and (in our case) all three kids either marking the card or writing their name. Woo, go you, that’s a whole lot of effort for the number of bottoms wiped, dinners cooked and piles of sick cleaned up. So when The Forestry Commission said it would love me and the kids to come up with a woodland based crafty gift or card to present to Wifey on Mother’s Day, I thought aha! Time to get outdoors.

nothing says “I love you” like a cress head
We’ve always tried a crafty approach in our house, and by crafty I don’t mean creeping up behind wifey and giving her some chocolate we’ve half inched out of the fridge, no, we’re classier than that in our household. We like doing lots of craft activities anyway- wifey always has the paint, glue, card, scissors and bits of twig and branch out. In fact we would have this week, aside from the sick bug that’s been doing the rounds. Instead, a degree of progress has been made on the gardening front instead.
So time will be limited, and inspired by the Forestry Commission, we’ll be off over the woods on Saturday (because every bloke is completely last minute, it’s in our genes) to find some leaves and moss to make a woody variant on the cress head wifey made with the kids over the summer. 
Of course if you don’t have the time to get out with the kids, you can still visit the Forestry Commissions online shop for some woody Mother’s Day awards, and perhaps even look at the flowers if you’re going down the traditional route.