The frustrated musician in us all

The boy is one of the most musical people I know- he can hum a song after hearing it a couple of times, he can keep timing, dances completely in tune with the music. We’ve offered him the chance to learn to play an instrument but he’s not particularly interested. He does know how to operate the Sonos music streamer via Wifey’s iPad and chooses his own listening material.

We skipped the whole nursery rhyme CD thing with him, we started him off on Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens when he was a few weeks old. The problem is, his natural ease with music has got me a bit jealous. I was a late bloomer when it came to enjoying music. I started voraciously consuming music in my late teens and haven’t look back. I even own a copy of Trout Mask Replica for goodness sake. If I go to a concert or hear a cover version, I can hear bum notes in my favourite songs,  but I can’t even begin to hum the first few bars with anything like the right timing, tune or flipping anything.


You’ve got no idea how fundamentally irritating this is. I can hear the guitar solo from Deep Purple’s Child in Time perfectly note for note in my head but I can’t even hum the intro properly. I can’t even hum the tune from In the Night Garden, how’s that for ultimately embarrassing?!

It’s too late for me but not for the kids. Rock out kids!