Hanging Tough

Dude! I mean Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!

Danger is now completely mobile and a bit of a threat to humanity generally. He’s learnt to smack people round the head, something I reckon he’s got from his big sister who has a vicious streak a mile wide at times (the rest of the time she’s the perfect little girl). The extreme violence can out itself in odd circumstances too. I popped him in his bath yesterday but in doing so had to remove his teddy from his clutches. Danger took exception to this and spent most of his duration on the bath slapping me. So I did what any self respecting Dad would do and washed his hair to distract him. Smack me will you???

Having two siblings that are quite a bit older (the boy is 6, and Fifi is 4), means that Danger gets reasonably well looked after but also copies what kids considerably older than him do. His throwing is incredible for a one year old and his football skills are considerably in advance of the boys at that age. He’s already twigged you don’t pick up a football, something the 6 year old still occasionally forgets.

We’re getting a constant chatter from him now, with the odd actual word thrown in but his comprehension is excellent. He makes a very good gopher when he isn’t trying to beat the living daylights out of you…