It’s all a bit of a mess…

We’ve now entered week four of the kitchen refit. That means we’ve had 4 weeks where we’ve had no cooker, hob or kitchen sink and we’ve also had to store everything from the kitchen in other rooms. In other rooms that are regularly subject to a marauding one year old to boot.

This means there are a couple of rooms that are rammed floor to ceiling with stuff, one of which is our rather grandly named Library. You can tell it’s grandly named because it’s capitalised as a proper noun. We’re pretentious like that.

Unfortunately the Library is also the computer room/video editing suite. I shoot my video reviews in 1080p50, which means my little netbook won’t even play the clips, let alone edit the stuff. I know I’m really behind on the videos; our chickens need a video for the Actimel Family Wellbeing Index campaign and my review of the Orbit Baby G2 is also outstanding but when your computers buried like this:

Hint: back left of the room

it’s all a bit tricky. This is the most accessible the Library has been in around 3 weeks as we’ve been able to put some of the stuff back in the kitchen wall cabinets. Until then, if you wanted to get anywhere, you had to pick the boxes up from in front of you and place them behind you as you made your way across the floor. Unfortunately most of it’s been replaced by stuff from the sitting room, which is being painted later this week. Our fridge freezer is currently behind the open shelving unit you can see on your right, which means we have to be able to get to it.