The other business cards I have

It’s funny, in my other (real) life, I do dead professional things, either sitting at my desk, at clients or at networking events and I often push one of my business cards across a table or swap one with a new contact. I was at a networking breakfast only yesterday and realised my stack of cards were sitting on my desk about half a mile away. Not my greatest moment but thankfully something that doesn’t happen very often.

The idea of going somewhere for business card printing for my blog never occurred to me until I went to Cybermummy a few years ago and collected more and varied business cards than I normally do at a speed networking event. A lot of the cards looked very professionally designed too. My initial design, whilst being very stylish (comments made, I hasten, not by me but by others), they had one big flaw- the main colour was black. I learnt that it’s quite important to have some white space on a business card as people often like to write a quick note of where they met you or who you are.

Because I’m inherently mean, I’m running through my final batch of the original cards (see right) before redesigning and getting some more practical ones. So if I foist half a dozen on you at the MADs next week, you’ll know why. I’ve not gone to the length I understand some parent bloggers have- namely depositing them at random in kids or parenting books in the library. I think that’s both a little odd and maybe a bit sinister.

The idea for this post came from Printworks Online