The Dormitory of Nocturnal TERROR

so terrifying, it’s not even in focus dammit

Deepdale camping and backpackers lodge in Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk, is one of my favourite places to stay. It’s simple but comfortable and well priced. It’s definitely a step up from what you can expect from a Youth Hostel and the staff are helpful and friendly. When we went up last weekend, we hired a 6 berth dorm for us. The beds are normally individually booked and come with lockable storage, so in theory you could be kipping with 5 strangers. We paid £230 for 3 nights, which if my maths is right, is a bargain if you’re off with a couple of other couples.

We did of course run the risk of Ned’s nocturnal disruptions but thought days packed with walking and fresh air would wear him out. We wont make that mistake again. We had bought our Phil & Ted’s travel cot which is the best thing since sliced bread but the boy only went to sleep in it once and spent most of each night engaged in a dialogue with wifey who showed the patience of a saint with him. Needless to say at points Ned woke everybody up bar the boy who can sleep through pretty much anything*. Furthermore, whilst we all looked dangerously at Ned each morning, through bloodshot eyes, the little darling was as bright and bubbly as you could possibly imagine.

We’ll definitely go back because I do love the dorms, the communal kitchen and social room but I think we’ll definitely wait until Ned’s a bit older…

*when he was little I managed to successfully remove him from his cot, change the sheet, change his nappy, his outfit and put him back in the cot without him even stirring.