Some hot 4G action

A willy, earlier

We went out to Oxford today. By the time I’d finished crying at the car parking costs- £26 for 8 hours against £9.60 in Cambridge-I was delighted to find out the Oxford was a Three 4G city. Or rather parts of the city centre were, and to be fair they seemed to be fairly odd parts as well.

As an existing Three customer, I get a 4G upgrade for free, so when I was in the Ashmolean Museum photographing penises from antiquity, it was nice to see this come up:

Not wasting any time I decided to fire up Speedtest on my phone and see how quick 4G was in Oxford.

The answer was fast. Very fast. Over 30Mbps fast, and an upload faster than I get on our home connection. Time will tell whether the amount of network traffic cripples the speed- when I dropped back to 3G it was seriously slow due to the number of people about using it- but for the moment it’s blistering. Well done Three, when is 4G coming to St Albans???