Common blogging & social media questions

drink wine whilst reading. 

Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or (ha a likely story) Google+, I tend to see a lot of very similar questions about blogging and social media pop up in my various time lines. I know I’m not the only on either, as I’ve seen other people comment on Facebook about it.

I’m not about to pretend I’m an expert because I’m not, I’m an enthusiastic end user. If you want an expert, be prepared to pay for an expert because there are people out there who have had proper training and do this for a living- not just hobbyists who muddle through and think they know the best way to do something from a hobbled together experience of end use and free articles on the internet.

Still, I’ve been shortlisted for the MADs two years on the trot, I’ve been a BiBs finalist and I’ve been on Cision Top 10 Dad Blogger list since it’s inception, so I must have picked up some words of wisdom along the way. Right?

Over on my “not parenting” blog, Do it Anyway, you can read my 3,000 word post irritatingly entitled  You’ll never guess the answers to your top blogging and social media questions. I’m not going to apologise for the title, it’s intentionally awful as it’s based on those terrible hook titles that now proliferate desperate websites.