Streaming Films Can Mean Happier Kids

As an uncle of two cool little boys, I’ve had the joy of watching them learn and discover things for the first time. And here’s what I’ve learned about kids (well, at least my nephews): they don’t like to wait. Whether it’s standing in lines at an amusement park or sitting still while a waiter takes our orders, these little guys have hardly any patience. This lack of patience translates to headaches and annoyances for my brother and sister-in-law. But in this age of technological wonders, services are being created that translate into less waiting time. One area where the boys don’t have to wait is when it comes to finding a movie or TV show to watch, because, like many kids, they now have the choice to instantly stream their favorite titles.

Fortunately, we live in a time where instant streaming is becoming more prevalent, meaning it’s easier than ever to find things to watch. And the choices offered on how to watch titles is plentiful—TV, laptop screen, phone, or tablet. For my nephews, a movie or show that they like tends to help calm their young impatient nerves. So if they’re waiting during, say, a car ride, they can watch a streaming title (provided they have the right device).

There are a host of streaming sites that do a good job at keeping kids entertained with their selection of kid-friendly titles. Whereas when I was a kid, I’d have to wait for my favorite TV show or movie to come on a specific time, my nephews don’t have to deal with this. For instance, I used to love watching The Jetsons Movie whenever it happened to come on TV. Aptly described by
Picturebox Films as a “space-age musical-comedy animation,” this title can now be streamed and is definitely worth watching with a younger audience. Family-friendly titles such as Nim’s Island and Beethoven’s 4th can also be found on many streaming services. And since my nephews and their parents don’t have to have to plan as much in order to watch the boys’ favourites, life is much easier for everyone when it comes to entertainment.

Another great aspect of streaming services is that many don’t have commercials. This means the kids are engaged longer and it takes less time to watch a show or movie. I didn’t like watching commercials when I was a kid, and my nephews don’t prefer them either. So the fact that they can watch a lot of shows without the advertisements is a benefit that is well worth the monthly price my brother and sister-in-law pay to use streaming services.

With streaming services offering plenty of kid-friendly favourites (with more titles being added on a regular basis), I think anyone with kids could benefit from such services. Often, it is a lot less expensive than paying for cable TV.

About the Author
Frank Harrison is a film geek and proud uncle. He’s also a writer who loves playing ping pong. Frank lives in Virginia with his dog, Tuck.