Teeth- let battle begin

Ned’s reached that age when he wants to do everything for himself, whether it’s emptying the freezer of frozen products, taking his nappy off at inopportune moments or his latest craze, refusing to let anyone else clean his teeth.

Well let me tell you, he’s not going to win this one.

I’ve had such a lot of dentistry done unto my poor choppers over the years that the kids teeth might as well not be their own for the amount of overzealous protection I’m heaping on them. I’ve had 8 teeth out, a block to bring out my recessed jaw, full braces top & bottom to realign my teeth, a retainer, 4 filings, 5 crowns, the latest of which is a replacement for an 18 year old one that wore out and took 6 hours in the chair over 4 months to get sorted, and also had the flesh that connects my bottom lip to my gums snipped to stop it pulling my gum line down. In short, I’ve had all the dental hell I can stomach, short of wisdom teeth extraction or a root canal and if there’s anything I can possibly do to the kids to pre-empt them having to go through any of this, I jolly well will.

And yes, that includes wrapping Ned up like a little sausage roll when I take him out of the bath, arms pinned to his sides, so I can brush his nashers as he wails to do it himself…