A weekend of birthdays

All the lads in the clan

This weekend just gone was punctuated with two birthday parties- one for my niece, who was four, and one for my dad, who was 73. That’s a 69 year age gap precisely as they share the same birthday but had their parties on different days.

A Methodist hall full of princess themed four year olds dancing like loonies for two hours on Saturday and a family BBQ on the Sunday.

We survived the princess disco party without major incident- the clinging and sobbing by shy children didn’t last that long- and the party girl had a great time by the look of it.

The BBQ on Sunday was a much more relaxed affair, even if it was somewhat difficult to track down the meat- checking on the BBQ everything looked in the process of being cooked. Initially we didn’t realise it was being whisked away to the oven to keep it warm once it was actually cooked. Still, the sun was out, it was about as big a family gathering as it’s possible to have now days and it was nice to seen my brother after what must be about 18 months- the first time Ned’s seen him since he learned to walk!