World Cup Football party fun with Waitrose

Now that England’s (or should that be Eng-er-land?) dour performances have seen us rightly exit the World Cup at the earliest opportunity, we can now all settle down and enjoy some football related entertainment. You know, that thing that happens in international tournaments that happens once England have been eliminated. Personally I’m looking forward to watching the Netherlands, Germany and Uruguay, albeit the last one to see if Suarez bites anyone else. Not that it looks like he’ll get much of a chance to be honest, but we live in hope.

Waitrose has put together some summer football party recipes and ideas on so that you can invite your friends over to watch the games and serve up international food and drinks to put them in a party mood. 

Looking at the fixtures, we thought the 5pm kick off between Nigeria and Argentina would be a good match to through a party for the the kids over. The 5pm kick offs are around tea time and you’re always guaranteed some excitement with Messi and co, so with that in mind we invited some friends and their kids round for a football and food party. 6 kids and four adults, with a £50 Waitrose voucher to cater for our feast.
Perusing the recipes, we spotted one by our friend Annie QPR but I have to admit not being a huge fan of piri piri chicken, so we opted to do the rather yummy looking Mini Tuna Burgers With Wasabi Mayonnaise. 
We opted for Mexican tortilla melt with jalapeño peppers, a roasted veggie pizza and a few sides to fuel our rather rampant celebration. Not that the football needed pepping up of course, it was a great match, with Messi giving Argentina an early lead, only for Nigeria to equalise through Musa almost immediately. 
Messi again gave the Argentinians the lead in first have stoppage time. That lad Musa popped up again to equalise for a second time right at the start of the second half but the Argentina side weren’t to be denied, scoring a third and holding out for a 3-2 victory. As far as games to encourage kids to show an interest in football go, this one was brilliant. 
The boy is beginning to really get in to the World Cup. He’s studying the teams and found the flags without any help for today’s teams. He’s spent half the evening giving a detailed analysis to his little friends, which was in turn wonderfully insightful and utterly hilarious. What is definitely indisputable was the enthusiasm that he celebrated every single goal.
That’s my boy!!!