Febreze #drivehappy kit giveaway!

According to a recent survey commissioned by Febreze, a bad smell tops Brits’ list of turn offs when getting into someone’s car. The smell Brits would least like to be stuck with in their car with? One in four (24%) agreed it was wet dog, which is unlucky for the more than one in 20 drivers believe their car smells of man’s best friend!

Even when you’re not travelling with Fido, family road trips can be a messy, and at times smelly, experience (think sticky fingers and spilt milk!).

Febreze wants to make sure summer family road trips run as smoothly (and as freshly) as possible. To do this, Febreze has created a #drivehappy Kit.

Each #drivehappy Kit includes:

  • A backseat organiser to keep your car neat and tidy.
  • Febreze CAR Vent Clip to ensure your car smells fresh.
  • A CD of top driving songs you can car-aoke to on your road trip.
  • Magazines to help pass the time while enjoying the freshness in the air.
  • Travel sized games to entertain you and the kids on the journey.
  • A travel pillow so you can catch some much needed Zzz’s.
  • A universal car charger to keep you connected on the go.
  • A £50 supermarket voucher to stock up on travel essentials (snacks, tissues, etc.).
The Febreze #drivehappy Kit was inspired by the Febreze Road Trip This summer, three members of the British public have been handpicked to embark on a European road trip. Throughout the trip the drivers will have to perform a series of unexpected challenges which will cause a bit of a stink! After they perform a smelly challenge their car will be ‘Febrezed’.
They’ll then pick up surprise passengers who will have an opinion on the air freshness in the car. These passenger approvals will dictate the next part of the journey for the driver. If they approve, our Brits will get a totally fresh experience, if not they will pay a stinky price!
If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, watch the video below and answer the following question: Who hands over the challenge envelope? Leave your answer in the comments and I’ll pick a winner this time next week.