The post MADs hangover

And so it came to pass that fourth annual MAD blog awards happened. Much was eaten, drunk and in a lot of cases, shoehorned into Spanx. It was a top evening of fun, proceeded by a nice relaxed lunch at a adjacent noodle bar. Any butterflies I might have had about possibly winning my category were fortunately extinguished during the champagne reception since I got chatting to a chap who happened to be the sponsor of my category. He was perfectly nice and great to chat to but he’d never heard of me or my blog! Still, at least it meant I could enjoy the rest of the evening unencumbered by expectation. That brings to be a grand total of 0/4 when it comes to awards (two MADs, a BiBs and a Gurgle for the record) and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed to not have picked up an award by now. Anyway, well done to Family Days Tried and Tested for winning. I’ll be back etc etc.

“Small, and far away Dougal”

Highlight of the evening? Possibly Dr Ranj going off piste/pissed with his explanation of exploding vaginas when he was announcing the short list in the Best Pregnancy blog. I look forward to seeing this used in a forthcoming BBC television moment.

Good old table 11 bought it home though, with two awards- best photography (well done Lucy!) and best kids blog (well done Emma!), and the wine surely flowed all evening long. I awarded myself a bottle of table 10’s white wine and fortunately nobody seemed to mind.

It was nice to see a couple of dads win- Ricky with his Skint Dad blog in the thrifty blog and Everything’s Rosie in the best writing category.

I may have once more over indulged and possibly woken up at Bedford train station at about 3am. I eventually got home before sunrise, so it was just about acceptable.

The Saturday morning hangover was bad and involved copious amounts of tea, croissants and Murder She Wrote on one of the many many ITV channels. I eventually made it downstairs by early afternoon and even out of the house by about 3ish. This I believe was as much of an achievement as being shortlised for a MAD award in the first place.

Well done to Sally and her team for running a great evening, even if I did accidentally get announced as a finalist in the Innovation category by mistake. I didn’t win that one either :)