We’re getting a cat

After a lot of consideration and months of indecision, we are getting a cat. As parents we thought it would do the kids the world of good to have a pet, and as a person in my own right, I’ve always fancied having one.

Sometimes I wonder if I spoil the cat, seeing him with his iPad, in his yurt. pic.twitter.com/45ScY3Rloe
— Liz Buckley (@liz_buckley) January 21, 2015

I don’t know what it is exactly that attracts me to cats. Partly is because they’re cleverer than rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters (and much less likely to escape than hamsters) but less smelly and less effort than dogs. I think having an animal in the house will help the kids, especially the boy, who at times struggles with expressing his emotions (well he is a boy).

Are we mad?

Plenty of people seem to have managed perfectly well without cats making too much of an impact on their lives…