Sainsbury’s Active Kids 2015 COMPETITION

It’s February, and that means that Sainsbury’s Active Kids is well under way!

Although our eldest is currently in the throes of a vicious addiction to Minecraft (a lot like most of his little friends if the truth be told), that doesn’t stop us taking him and his two littler siblings out and about at any given opportunity. We’re firm believers that exercise and an active lifestyle is something that parents need to instill in kids from an early age because it’s something that they’ll enjoy, it’ll keep them fit and healthy and also provide important life skills.

Every Sunday morning I take all three children along to swimming lessons. I’ve been in the pool with one of them now for the last 5 years (first the boy, then Fifi and now Ned) but it’s important that they get their water confidence early. Ned is now prospering and I know it won’t be long before (to the relief of many) I can hang up my Speedos for good and just sit pool side while I watch all three of them learn backstroke or the best way to pick a lead weight off the bottom of the pool.

I think Fifi’s decision to spend her birthday money from her great Aunt on a set of rollerstakes was met with a mixture of trepidation and relief from us; worry that she’ll break something going hell for leather on her new skates but relief that she’s still caught up with the whole outdoors thing. She’s such a keen scooter rider that she’s completely infected her little three year old brother with the bug (sometimes to his detriment- he went full speed into a hedge last week and inevitably came off second best).

Since we’re all dead keen to see our kids have a healthy and active lifestyle, it’s always nice to see those little multi-coloured vouchers being divvied out in store at Sainsbury and Sainsbury petrol stations because it means for doing nothing other than spending what you’d spend anyway, your kids school or a club they belong to can get cool gear for the kids to use. What sort of cool gear? Well there are currently 957 different items available to redeem voucher against, ranging from potato peelers to basketball wheelchairs.

Those nice people at Sainsbury has let me give my readers a chance to enter an Active Kids giveaway, with the chance to win a £200 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers as well as signed merchandise.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To increase their chances of winning the giveaway, entrants can gain additional entries by:

  • Tweeting about the giveaway
  • Submitting a Tweet or Facebook link showing a picture of their vouchers.

The giveaway will run until 12am on Saturday 11th April 2015.

Prizes will be provided directly by Sainsbury, who will also be picking the winner. Good luck!