The perils of twitter parties or, a matter of disagreement

Aside from occasionally Twitter bombing Twitter Parties with humorous but ultimately pointless tweets (sorry Sally, I try to behave, honest I do), I tend to steer clear of twitter parties. I don’t mute hashtags or anything as complicated as that so I do sometimes spot some very odd comments and that happened tonight during a Scottish Widows sponsored twitter party that the Tots 100 was hosting.

Anyone that knows me will no doubt know I’m a horrendous hypocrite in as much as I like to make sweeping generalisations, change the subject constantly and go off on wild tangents while having a discussion on pretty much any subject but will heinously pull anyone else up for doing the same. And yes, I can be perhaps a little too enthusiastic about it all at times. Still when someone who I later found out was crashing a Twitter party herself decided to say that lots of men were idle and let their women work and do all the chores, I felt the need to pull her up on it.

You know me, this was never likely to go well was it?