What You Didn’t Know About Royal Babies

logo[1]As the nation celebrates the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child, Nannies Incorporated takes a look at some of the unusual traditions which take place when a Royal baby is born.

  1. Keep The Public Guessing

There is a custom that the names of Royal babies aren’t revealed for some time, leaving the public to guess (and bet) on what the new family members will be called. In 1948, the Prince of Wale’s name was kept under wraps for a whole month. It was only revealed at his christening! In recent years, our excitement and anticipation has been met quite quickly. The Prince William’s name was revealed after a week and Princess Beatrice’s name was announced after two weeks. Thankfully Kate and Will didn’t leave us hanging for so long, announcing the Princess’ name as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana two days after her birth. 

  1. No Surname?

Members of the Royal family who are granted the title of HRH Prince or Princess are not given a surname. If one is required, for example when getting married, Mountbatten-Windsor is used. Royals are too important for surnames!  

  1. Charlotte is a Princess After The Queen Changed The Law

In 1917, George V decided that the title HRH Prince or Princess should be restricted to the children of the Sovereign, children of the Sovereign’s sons, and the Prince Wales’ eldest son. However, when Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting their first child the Queen overruled this, making a statement to say that if the new Royal is a girl she will still have the Princess title.

 Registered in the Normal Way

Royal births are typically registered in the normal way, although the Home Secretary is required to contact certain officials. The Queen’s top aide has the responsibility of informing people overseas. Town criers will also sound out the royal news!

  1. Private Christenings

Royal christenings are often private affairs. They are usually held when the baby is a few months old and only close families and friends are in attendance. Therefore, please don’t wait in anticipation for your invite. Royal children are usually christened by the Royal Archbishop of Canterbury in Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace. However, we’ll all get to have a good look at baby Charlotte in her christening outfit when an official photograph is released to the media. Interestingly, each Royal baby has to wear the same elaborate robe, made by the Queen’s dressers.

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