The ever continuing quest for a nicer home

The recent and unfortunate incident with a cat and a runny bottom, two things that should never feature together in the same sentence, has had an odd effect on our house improvement work. Rather than getting us down it has actually spurred us on. Yes, spending three days shampooing welded in cat poo off the carpets had a detrimental effect on all involved but it has made us push on through into another round of big clear outs and reorganisations.

A big change happened in our bedroom on Saturday. After 8 years of having a huge 5 drawer chest of drawers on my side of the bed, pressed up against my face, we finally got round to purchasing and putting the drawers into the bottom of our wardrobe. The room looks so much larger now, and we can’t wait to get a new bed frame and a couple of matching bedside tables. Frankly our bedroom, much like the rest of our house, had just too much in it.

Next up is our living room. When we had the garage converted into a playroom, we swore to ourselves that we could reclaim the living room as an adult place. This has yet to happen properly, but as far as living rooms go, we do have a reasonably blank canvas to work with:


Since we have the television wall mounted we’re not constrained by having to have specific furniture in specific places, which gives us a lot more flexibility without the expense of having to consider knocking walls down or anything. I know the one thing we’d both like to do is put bi-folding doors in instead of the more conventional patio doors we currently have. Bi-folding doors really open up the house, and without descending into Grand Design tropes, really help connect the sitting room to nature. We have a huge Buddleia in our garden (although it was a tiny twig when we planted it back in 2009), which attracts butterflies all summer long- hardly surprising given the plant is also nick-named the butterfly bush I suppose- so we often spend summer days with the patio open anyway.

The biggest challenge we have though, as you can see above, is keeping the kids and their toys out of the living room full stop.

Mob Architects/Homify

Mob Architects/Homify

Eventually it could look something like this, which is quite chic and grown up, without being old fashioned. Who knows eh?