Win a Walton’s Honeypot Snug Playhouse!

wpid-wp-1440617819579.jpgWaltons, the UK’s biggest sole supplier of sheds and outhouses, are running a super competition at the moment, with an ace prize of a Honeypot Snug Playhouse (RRP £169.95). Unlike a lot of cheaper playhouses, this has a 10 year anti rot guarantee, and a sturdy construction that puts the mass production ones to shame.

The competition itself is as simple as anything to enter; all you have to do it get your small would be playhouse dweller to draw a picture of their dream playhouse, and tweet/facebook it using the hashtag detailed on the competition blog post

When I asked Fifi what her ideal playhouse would look like, she had a long think and came up with this:



I’m not entirely sure how feasible it would be to build something like that put Fifi certainly put some effort into it!