Almost there with sorting out the playroom

Regular readers probably know the quest for sorting out a child filled home is never-ending and even if/when they leave home, we’ll probably be stuck as some sort of free storage site for them for years afterwards.

Anyway, having now successfully moved the kids back into their playroom that we created when we had the garage converted, we’re now looking at making it a more efficient use of space for them. We have already got rid of the huge storage unit that made a fairly narrow room more like a corridor and now we’re looking at the sofa bed. It seemed like a good idea at the time but in practical terms, any guests have invariably kipped on either the sitting room floor (on an airbed) or we’ve given them Ned’s bed and he’s topped and tailed with one of his older siblings.

To make the floor space more versatile for play, we’ve been looking beyond chairs and sofas towards possibly bean bags. If we get something like a few large colourful bean bags in the room, the kids can simply chuck them into the library if they need the extra floor space for playing with toys or having a disco.

Who knows, with a bit more space, the kids might do this sort of stuff AWAY from the adult space: