The storage nightmare that is our home

Yesterday we went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum and one of the things that really struck me was the 1940’s prefab house. It was on a large plot of land, probably as big as our house, but the prefab itself was fairly small- wide but shallow and only on one floor- which meant that the family of five living there would have had so little stuff!

Our house is a four bed with a garage conversion/extension and three sheds. But our loft is full of stuff, and two of our sheds have a system of adjustable shelving in them in order store some of the accumulation of stuff that we used to keep in the garage. After all, who keeps a car in their garage any more? Most of the houses on our estate were built in the late 60’s or 70’s, and cars were just smaller then. My useless bit of car related trivia is that VW only have one car in their current range that’s smaller than the Mark I Golf and that’s the Up!

Garages are an important dumping ground for stuff now days because we all seem to accumulate stuff in a way that previous generations simply didn’t. It’s not just the super hoarders we see on the telly either; all of us have a lot of stuff we’re not willing to get rid of. Sometimes off the shelf shelving (pun intended, honest!), isn’t really suitable to cope with the stuff. Something a bit more industrial like Slingsby gives you the opportunity to store your hoard more efficiently.