Review: SPY NET Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies

The Boy has been busy becoming an undercover super spy, courtesy of SPY NET. You can read all about it here. If the way he’s written his blog post is a reflection on his verbosity when it comes to completing his homework, that will explain a lot!

Still, we’ve had great fun with the SPY NET Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies, even Ned has had a go with them:


Ned the spy #spynet

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Unfortunately the headset is a little bit too small for me, which is understandable as I’m 40 and not in the anticipated age range at all. The wireless works over around 30 metres and the kids had no trouble at all communicating on different floors when they were “spying” on their mum. The headsets are pretty robust too, if I had one word of complaint, it would be remember to turn them off after use, otherwise kiss goodbye to the batteries but that’s a fairly common issue with toys anyway. The SPY NET Vibrasonic Walkie Talkies retail for £39.99 and are a valuable addition to any MI5 wannabe; expect them to be a lot of Christmas lists this year!

You can see them in action in this covert video: