Dick & Dom’s Super Mario Maker Levels!


Clever old Nintendo has managed a bit of a coup but getting CBBC presenters Dick & Dom (apparently they used to live in a bungalow?) to design some levels for Super Mario Maker. Now with a lot of celebs, you’d expect them to turn up to the photo call, and take a nice big fat cheque but I happen to know that these lads are well into their videogames. Series 3 of Absolute Genius was actually dubbed App-solute Genius and dealt with the design and development of games. THe boy downloaded it via iPlayer and watched it incessantly on the iPad while we were on holiday last summer. I feel like I know those shows as well as some of my favourite Blackadder, Red Dwarf or Father Ted. Anyway, suffice to say that when I downloaded the levels using the following codes:

Dick’s level – F15E-0000-0114-40CD
Dom’s level – 9C14-0000-0108-C0F9
Dick and Dom’s co-created level – C78F-0000-0124-C6FB

I genuinely think that the lads have played the game, made the levels and had a shed load of fun doing it. The World of Boing is my favourite of the three (the first one, well done Dick!) but all three of them are worth a play and this being Mario Maker, if you don’t like what you see, you can tailor it yourself anyway!


The boy also loved the World of Boing most. It’s basically a large cavern full of springs and coins to collect, so you spend the majority of your time bouncing around. He’s even broken off from completing LEGO Marvel’s Avengers to have a go, which is about as glowing endorsement as you can get as it’s been difficult to actually get him to bed/school/dinner table when he wants to play Avengers!

Super Mario Maker is available only on Wii U and lets you play great user designed Mario levels, as well as making and uploading your own for everyone else to play.