Fifi has discovered a really odd gaming sub-genre

The kids don’t have the ability to install apps on their tablets (a mixture of iPads and Amazon Kindle Fires), so whenever they want something installed, I get to check the suitability. Yestersday, Fifi came up to me and demanded that I install basically 4 different variants of the same game. This isn’t unusual, as they were all “freenium” (free to install, in app purchases to remove artificial barriers to progression), and you tend to see a proliferation of games around any given theme. However, even for freenium games, this was perhaps a little niche:


That’s right, Fifi appears to now be obsessed with car parking simulators. Park your car in a multi-storey carpark! Learn to reverse park! In a tight space!

I know the kids are teaching themselves to drive in Drive Club but even so, this is perhaps one step too far…