A Mothers Day treat- get cooking some pulled pork!

porkyI have to admit I always snigger when I hear the phrase “pulled pork” as the smutty part of me has a built in euphemism generator that oft goes into overdrive. However I’ve never actually contemplated trying to cook pulled pork, for me it’s something I’d reserve for a swanky sandwich shop or a meal out. So when the dudes at Love Pork (*snigger*) offered to send me a boneless shoulder joint of pork and some ingredients to try my own hand at pulling pork, I thought I’d give it a go. They also thought it would be an ideal dish for Mothers Day, as you can set it going with about 40 minutes prep, go off and do something for 5 hours or longer, and then come back and finish pulling your pork. God, I’ve got to stop that, sorry.

Joking aside though, the end result was incredible, even though I do say so myself. The preparation time wasn’t excessive- cut the rind off (and make some pork scratchings with it), mix some stuff in a bowl, coat the joint, blast it in the oven for a bit, shove some water in with the joint, cover, roast at a lower heat for many hours, and then do some veg. Simple. Yet exceptionally tasty.

scratchingsAnd as an added bonus, I got to eat an entire bowl of home made pork scratchings because they were too hard for the kids teeth and the wifey doesn’t like them. Who says being great to your wife on Mother’s Day doesn’t work for everyone eh?

You’ve probably seen the promotion on in your local butchers in recent weeks, I spotted it in our local one, A&C Meats, on the way in to work this morning. The kids pigged out on it and Ned, currently off school with chicken pox, has devoured the leftovers in sandwiches over the course of this week. Considering how hard it is to get protein in to him, I think this is a major seal of approval!

You can find the best pulled pork recipes going here, at the Love Pork website.