New year fog


As the old year wound down and the new year begun, I felt re-energised in a way that I hadn’t for a long time. December was a hard slog, I woke up feeling tired, got tired throughout the day and went to bed feeling knackered. No amount of sleep or rest seemed to help and I just felt burnt out.

Something changed late December though and I noticed a real change in the gym sessions I try to do three to four times a week. I had a lot more energy and it was suddenly easy again to punch past the targets I set rather than struggle up to them. I felt good.

When I went back to work on 4th January, little did I know that I had a month of feeling worse than I did the preceding month, all pretensions to a fully recharged me chucked out the window. Goodness knows what I came down with but it took two courses of antibiotics to more or less shift it and a lot of sleep. Last night a ran around on the football pitch for the first time this year and it felt good. Once I can move properly (tomorrow maybe), I’ll be back off down the gym.

It’s difficult when you have a long running non specific illness (I definitely had a chest infection, I don’t know about anything else) and it can get you down. January was a fog of trying to get my work done and not shout at people and I’m glad that’s passed.

The sun is shining through the clouds here and I’m feeling it too.