Oi, Oi, Nozstock is back for it’s 18th year of festival goodness

Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2016 - flyer

If, like us, you enjoy the festival scene, without wanting to sit in a field with 10,000 people in front of you, then you couldn’t do much better than book up for Nozstock. Headliners Jurassic 5 are a big pull but I’ve noticed the champion of Chap Hop Professor Element is also playing (he of Fighting Trousers fame), and as ever the family and kids attractions are worth mentioning.

Nozstock features a vibrant spectrum of children’s entertainment this summer. The festival embraces a whole family festival experience from beginning to end, and the Children’s Space is a friendly welcoming environment for both parents and little ones alike. All are welcome to get creative, be amazed by wondrous stories, sculptures and entertainment, or roll their sleeves up for some physical fun. All events and activities are free of charge in the Children’s Space across the whole weekend, as the festival strongly believe families shouldn’t foot the bill for festival fun. There’s even a bottle warming service!

Some of the amazing activities on offer include: make super kites with Let’s Go Fly a Kite; there’s pillar painting action with What did the Romans ever do for us?; Walk Like An Egyptian is all about making Egyptian headdresses and learning hieroglyphics; The Hanging Gardens Of Nozstock is time to decorate and plant pots; Aztecs Sundials is lots of fun with old-school time-keeping; 3D is the theme for creating Mayan masks and much more at Marvelous Mayan Masks; create new clothing with Bandhani Tie Dye; Fabulous Festival Fashion creates new looks from old clothes and jewellery; make and decorate Greek pots and spend time creating amazing Magic Lanterns; Creative Corner is the place to be for anyone wanting to paint, draw and write; Family Yoga is great for all the family and Story Time is the place to be for transportation to another world. Workshops are carried out by the lovely crew from Spare Rooms Arts, designed so art can be enjoyed and experienced anywhere, anytime, by anyone at Nozstock.

Tickets are now on sale; under 12s go free and we’ve loved it the 3 times we’ve been, you can read about our experiences here.