Daytime activities for you and the kids this father’s day

Father’s Day is always one of the most special days in the calendar for dads – and proud mums – and there are a huge number of great activities that you can enjoy on the special occasion. Here are several ideas for how to spend a perfect day:

Cooking a meal

The days of the mum doing all the cooking and baking in the kitchen are long gone. Many fathers now take the lead when it comes to preparing fantastic meals and sweets. You might not want, of course, to be stuck behind a stove. You might want a pub lunch, or your meal prepared by the loving hands of your partner. But if you and your son or daughter love getting your aprons on and doing some proper cooking, then don’t let anyone put you off.


Sharing the experience of watching sport is one thing, but participation for little ones is even better. If you’ve been itching to get your youngsters to pick up the ball, racquet or reins then what could be a better father’s day present – for you both? Parks, fields, rivers (for fishing) and gyms are likely to present lovely opportunities in the summer sunshine, and the latter might host taster sessions for you both to enjoy together.

Train journey

It’s unlikely that any father would want to drive for a concerted length of time, or indeed inflict that responsibility on mum. But there is a way that a family can enjoy time together travelling from one destination to another in a traditional and loving way – a steam train experience across beautiful parts of rural Britain. It’s fun, easy, and feels like a real adventure. Be careful to check the minimum age requirements before buying a ticket.

Photo Fun

Ask older people if they have any regrets about life, and one of them is usually: “I wish I’d got more photos of…”. In the digital age we can now take hi-res photographs and record HD video on our phones, throwing in all manner of special effect and filters later before turning them into gifts – click here to find out more. So get out your phone or camera and spend a day being silly in the garden or in the front room with your little ones. Use water pistols or food, or cuddly toys. Build a base or a den. Have fun, and keep it forever.


Visiting the coast is clearly not ideal for rainy weather and therefore you are somewhat reliant on the traditional British climate. However, a stroll along the waterfront or building a castle or series of castles from sand is guaranteed fun, no matter the beach. And the day wouldn’t be complete without some fish and chips and a bucket of 2p pieces in the slot machines.


A gentle pedal up hill and down dale, or the first tentative pedals in a cul-de-sac or quiet road, can be a life-affirming experience for all involved. No father will feel prouder than when he sees his offspring take to the road with their stabilisers for the first time, and then takes them off. It proves the bond of trust between parent and child, and is great for confidence and health. If you or your child don’t have a bike, then why not go shopping in the morning and test out the new wheels in the afternoon?