Xbox One S and a Minecraft Masterclass – Part II

In part I of our Xbox One S adventure, we went through what the Xbox One S is and why it’s as cool as ice, especially the version that Microsoft sent us that came bundled with Minecraft!

Part II is now here and you can watch the boy give me a lesson on what Minecraft is and how it works in the video below:

If you got the impression that he loves Minecraft, that’s probably about right! I understand it a bit more now too, Minecraft is more about using the resources and fitting stuff into the game world than just building things out of context.

The beauty of the Xbox One version is that you can easily record what you’re doing and make cool in picture videos if you have a Go Pro or even a smartphone. This made the lad feel one step closer to being like his hero Dan TDM (Daniel Middleton, one of those YouTubers that your child will no doubt have heard of and contributed to his wealth by watching lots of his videos).

Minecraft lends itself well to a controller, I’ve never managed to suss the touchscreen controls when the boy has tried to show me on his iPad before but once he relinquished the controller (you can do split screen on the Xbox One), I was soon whizzing around like nobodies business.

The Xbox One S is Microsofts most powerful console to date and it’s more than a match for running Minecraft at top speed. The Xbox One S Minecraft pack retails for £249 RRP but there are some crazy prices around at the moment and if you’re considering buying what I consider the best console on the market at the moment, you should snap one up now while they’re still going for £199 at places like Argos and John Lewis.