Christmas Dinners in the UK!

The traditional Christmas dinner needs some key elements; turkey or another meat or vegetarian alternative; gravy; greens and potatoes. However, there’s a debate or two for the perfect Christmas meal to be had.

Debate number one: sprouts or no sprouts? According to research from, only 7.1% of Londoners believe that Brussels are brilliant and are an integral part of the Christmas meal.

Debate number two: Roast or mash? Roast potatoes were the clear winner here with 44.7% of UK residents believing that roasties are the must-have potato for the plate, while 7.4% are mash fans.

These are two decisions to take, but there are plenty of others: where do we spend Christmas? What’s our favourite tipple? And which areas of the UK put their hands in their pockets and spend the most on their meals? The answers are below.


Christmas Dinners in the UK
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