Classic summer looks to take you from pool to dinner

With less layering to consider and warmer temperatures to contend with, summer style can be a challenge for some of us at the best of times. Luckily, there are a fair few go-to looks that are as timeless as they are comfortable – well worth considering for your next big break or family escape.

As store shelves begin to heave with the promise of thinner fabrics and brighter hues, it’s clear that the onset of summer is upon us. Whatever your plans may be, you’re going to want to keep your trademark style while you’re at it, from the summer suit to the comfy threads you’re kicking back under the sun in. Take a few of our pointers on board as you decide how best to make that happen.

Light and airy

This is probably the first image that springs to mind when you think of any male summer style. The pale blue or crisp white short-sleeved shirt, the light chinos and the comfortable shoes have stayed on everyone’s radar for a reason. It’s simple, it’s a clean fit for your physique and it’s versatile enough that you can pair it with your classic brown leather bag, your statement belt or a dapper hat.

That said, you’re going to find that summer colours for gents during 2017 factor in some more vibrant hues. Stark plum purples, rich reds and dazzling yellows have already made their presence known on runway shows by leading global fashion houses.


Bohemian brilliance

You might think of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s style as pretty smart, particularly given he won his role in Inception on the basis of his natural fondness for waistcoats. But he’s definitely onto something, especially as far as a good summer look is concerned. You might only pair your waistcoat with your formal wear, but you’re only getting half the story if you do.

With a breezy shirt – pattern optional – and a laidback attitude to buttoning it up, the waistcoat can become a gateway to a bohemian look that doesn’t lean too hard on the hippie or tortured artist sides. Pair with a scarf of a light fabric, a dark fedora hat or, of course, over a horizontally striped tee for a timeless, evocative look.

Island life

Maritime cues are looking to make something of a comeback this year. Of course, that means stripes are as much a part of male fashion as ever, yet it can go a little further beyond anchor motifs and neckerchiefs.

That Californian surfer look is always a charmer. Styles are easy to mix and match so you can be as downtempo or as daring as you like. Team a classic straw fedora with a pair of men’s swim shorts to complete the look in a more contemporary way – there are a pair of vibrant blue ones from the Tu swim shop this year that have really caught my eye.

The wildcard

If you’re really looking to make a statement, 2017 is going to make that nice and easy. We already touched on how vibrant colours are coming into style, and you might have twigged that 90’s influences are running under a lot of what lead designers around the world are putting out.

However, if you’re really looking to turn heads, get some punkish flair going in your wardrobe. The look is notably swinging back into vogue and its influence is going to be felt across the board. How far into this particular Pandora’s Box you choose to delve is, of course, a matter of personal preference, but there’s some surprising versatility to be had. Brash plaid shirts flecked with button-badges, muscle shirts accented with zips and those classic Americana Converse-style trainers are all ways you can bring some edge to your ensemble.
What’s your view on the most timeless go-to summer menswear? How do you distinguish your look when the heat is on?