Communication breakdown

Last week I managed to have one conversation than spanned two Twitter DM accounts, text message, AND Facebook messenger. It was confusing and exhausting and not my fault. Now I’m sitting at my desk at work, fielding passive aggressive emails from my 8 year old about her older brother who tricked her in to turning the PS4 off and then jumped on it himself when she left the room. I’m messaging him through the PSN (Playstation Network) chat facility, using my PS4 account via a web browser and telling him to turn it off. I can tell he hasn’t as it is still showing him as online and the tricksy little sod hasn’t worked out how to appear offline yet. I imagine at his end he keeps on getting irritating pop ups that are slightly spoiling his game.

Fingers crossed.

When did it all get so complicated? Even in the early days of internet and the web, you were restricted to email, Microsoft Messenger and pinging people direct messages through Usenet (or other bulletin boards). The choice now makes it too complicated and it’s giving me a headache. And that’s even though I don’t “leverage my brand across all social platforms“- god knows how these bloggers who do all that jazz keep up with what they’re doing AND still have time to blog.

In an attempt to sort this problem out, I set us up as a family in Slack, an online cooperative communication tool but that just lead to this situation:

So now it’s just another form of communication to spread conversations across and I have made matters worse, a particular skill I seem to have. I’ve given myself a headache over this now and think I need to go on some sort of retreat, perhaps a hermitage or something…