Daily Helpers: Handy Apps for Dads Who Want to Be in the Know

There are a lot of things a dad has to worry about: making sure the kids are doing good in school, taking care of all of his responsibilities at work and making mom happy are all just part of the job when you’re a father. Sometimes, it may seem as if you can’t get everything that needs doing done.

The good news is that there are some Android apps that can help dads keep track of everything they need to and still have a little fun. Here are some of the useful apps that any dad can download to help make life a little easier.

Family Locator

This app is great for dads, especially those with big families. Family Locator lets you keep track of the whereabouts of every family member, no matter where they are.

Not only can this give you peace of mind when your oldest child seems to be cutting it a little close to their curfew, but it also lets you know where everyone is in case there’s a reason you all need to meet up — that weekly family dinner perhaps.

The app helps you create “circles” that you can add anyone you like to, so you can also use it for friends and colleagues. It offers real-time data, so there’s no more guessing when someone will arrive at a destination and you can even set it to give you a heads up if someone is running late.

To get started, just have everyone download the app and soon you’ll know where everyone is.

Weather Live Free

Knowing what the weather has in store for you every day and every week is a concern that most people have. How can you plan anything if you don’t know what the weather’s going to be like?

This weather by Apalon Apps gives you everything you need to know about the conditions outside. It will tell you the temperature and the “feels like” temperature as well as the humidity levels. You can also check the wind speed and directions and find out when the sunrise and sunset are every day.

The app also features and up-to-the-minute weather radar so you can keep track of everything that’s going on around you.

Web MD

It’s always nice to know what to do when your child is sick or injured, and this medical app is one of the best out there for giving timely advice.

The app features a symptom checker so you can input all of the things working with your child to help narrow down the illness: the flu is very different from food poisoning, so having an app that can quickly let you know the difference can be comforting. You can also use voice search to find what you’re looking for quickly and the app has a built-in map to get you to the nearest medical facilities if they are needed.

If you’re a dad, try some of these apps to help you out!