Skates vs. Scooters – Which is the coolest?

Let’s be honest, anybody who can manage to skate or ride a scooter has already achieved a level of cool that many can only aspire to. However, with both activities becoming increasingly popular, it feels like the right time to assess which is the coolest – skates or scooters?

We’ll look through a number of key factors to help us to decide:

Stunts/tricks – Probably the coolest thing that you can do either on skates or a scooter is stunts. For both skaters and scooter riders, there is a wide range of stunts to master if you are going to be deemed as cool. YouTube is full of excellent stunts ranging from nearly impossible to absolutely dangerous, and it is fair to say that both activities have equally awesome stunts to showcase. To become like the best, invest in an Aussie Grit Scooter from, and become more like two-times world champion, Jordan Clark who won on a Grit Scooter. Grit are making a grand statement and are perfect for serious extreme riders; made with modern technology, this brand has developed some of the most advanced scooters around, such as the Grit Extremist and Grit Elite models.

Popularity – A quick search on YouTube will show you that the skate-based ‘Best of Freestyle’ has racked up 1.7m views and scooter-based ‘World’s best and most epic scooter tricks’ has amassed 4.9m views. You can’t go purely off these figures, but from the first search using the obvious keywords, these are the two that come up for tricks and stunts. We’re going to say that Team Scooter won the popularity category as the figures are in favour of scooters.

Ease – When we talk about ease, we mean how easy is it to get equipment and have a go yourself. There is wide range of skates and scooters, and Grit Scooters offers both excellent quality and the ability to pull off advanced stunts. A pair of aggressive skates comes out at about the same cost. Regarding how easy it is to have a go yourself, the basic skills of riding a scooter are easier to pick up than using skates, particularly if you struggle with balance. So, for this category, we are saying you need to tackle more difficult skills when skating. Therefore, if you are not confident in your ability, maybe stick with the scooter at first.

Competitions – Just like the best bands play at the best festivals, activities like skating and scooter riding are best showcased to an audience. A quick check of the different competitions that take place for each reveals some insight into how cool they should be deemed. NASS Festival currently features some of the best inline skaters in the world on the annual schedule while scooters are not yet invited to the big party. They do, however, have several scooter festivals such as Scootfest to keep their fans happy, where large cash prizes are up for grabs.

Overall it looks like scooters are coming out top based on our criteria but this could be down to the relatively recent emergence of freestyle scootering. Perhaps we will see a big shift in this in the very near future, either way, they are both very cool in their own right.