12 Arcade Gifts Of Christmas

It’s coming up to that time of year again where it’s a frantic frenzy of somewhat possessed people scrambling to get gifts ahead of Christmas day. Fortunately for your sanities sake, we’ve put together a list of retro gifts that’ll make a great addition to any household, maybe your looking to update the man or add a touch of life to a spare room that’s currently being used to collect dust?

Be prepared this Christmas and treat the kids or special someone to a gift that’s going to blow their mind as well as keep them entertained for years to come! Read on below for our top 12 suggestions of vintage arcade gifts you should be looking at this Christmas:


1) Pool table – Signature tournament pool table

If you’re after a full size pool table for your man-cave, then look no further as we know time is of the essence this festive season. The Signature Tournament Pool Table is designed to either be 6 or 7ft so that it can fit in any required space if you need it to be smaller or a full regulation size for you pool pros out there. Available in a range of finishes, these include black, dark walnut, light oak and white, so you can be confident that it’ll match your home style and create a great focal piece in whatever room you so call desire to put it in. Great stepping stone for anyone who is looking to get into pool, or anyone in fact who is already a big fan and just wants a nice side hobby to fuel their obsession.


2) Arcade machines – ArcadePro Invader 60 Cocktail Arcade Machine, Black

retro arcade machines was a big part of a 90’s kid’s childhood so why not bring back that tradition this Christmas for the family? Biting the bullet and getting an ArcadePro Invader 60 Cocktail Arcade Machine in black would be a very wise decision. We all remember the sticky floors, broken buttons and having to que up to get on your favourite machine religiously to smash the current high score, but with an arcade machine of your own, all this stress disappears and will never return to haunt you unless of course you decide to have a few of your mates around for a few cold alcoholic beverages over Christmas.

Play all your favourite arcade gems like Pac Man, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Galaxian and more classic games, all in comfort in your own home without having to cough up a bean or 2 every time you want to play, think of it as a long-term investment. If you’re worried about the initial cost of an arcade machine this Christmas, there really is no need to be as let’s be honest, not many people have a spare grand in their pocket around the Christmas period, especially when you have kids. Arcade machines can be bought through finance packages from £30.00 a month.  

3) Pinball – Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine

Pinball machines are making a big comeback thanks to the retro wave, so why not join the craze and treat the kids or yourself to one this Christmas? With a huge range of pinball machines, including vintage classics like Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine, as well as more modern treasures such as Guardians Of The Galaxy, the point is there’s a pinball machine to suit everyone’s taste.

A lot of the more modern pinball machines also incorporate all the latest technological developments to make sure you enjoy the highest quality pinball experience but that does not take away the retro experience from the older style arcade gaming machine as they both appeal to different folks. Any Pinball machine old or new would make a great addition to the household this Christmas.


4) Table tennis – Cornilleau Proline 510M outdoor static table tennis table in grey

If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual this festive season, then why not consider a table tennis table? Be warned this is a gift that does require some skill, so if you haven’t got the patience of a saint and wouldn’t cope very well with picking up the ping pong ball off the floor every 10 seconds then this is probably not the gift for you! With a range of tables available, including both indoors and outdoors models, such as the Cornilleau Proline 510M Outdoor Static Table Tennis Table, there’s a table tennis table available to suit whatever space you have available whether this be in your garage, shed, conservatory, spare room or of course the man cave!

If you’re looking for a centrepiece for the sacred man-cave, or if you’re looking for something to keep the kids occupied and out the kitchen from picking at the preparations for Christmas dinner, it would be a wise move to consider getting a table tennis table? It truly is a fun sport that requires little effort that everyone can take part in, making it ideal for whenever friends or family drop by at random this year!

5) Football Tables – Garlando f-5 indoor football table

Football tables are no longer the province of just bored schoolkids, as they have now become a popular arcade accessory for all ages. If you’re looking for a kids football table this Christmas then we have the solution to your problem in the form of the Garlando F-5 Indoor Football Table, which will spark some serious competition between adults and children Christmas day.

Everyone loves table football, so whether you play it professionally or are just play as a hobby, why not consider adding a table football table to any of that spare space looking a bit lifeless in the household? They’re incredibly easy to set up and suitable for all ages, an added bonus is they require little space and no skill is needed to fight off the competition.

6) Air Hockey – Revolver 3-in-1 pool, air hockey and table tennis table – table hockey

If you’re looking to divert your attention into some table hockey, or know someone in the family who goes mad for the retro arcade classic every time you visit your local arcade, then why not get them an air hockey table for Christmas so they can indulge in their love for this quirky sport? We all love a bit of air hockey, well until the puck slams into your fingers full pelt which can lead to throbbing fingers and may cause some serious watery eyes! But avoiding that, this is ideal for everyone in the family to get stuck into.

If space is limited, then we recommend that you get the Revolver 3-in-1 table, as it also incorporates pool, table tennis, and air hockey all into one single table which is ideal for younger children that can’t make their mind up on which arcade gaming table they want for Christmas.

7) Table tennis table cover

If you’ve already got a table tennis table, but need to protect it, then we’ve got a recommendation for you. The Butterfly Playground and Ultimate Table Tennis Table Cover will help protect your table tennis table if it’s kept outside, and can be thrown over it if it’s in the play position, making it ideal if you suddenly have to abandon a game because it’s suddenly started raining and your table tennis table is outside.

8) Table Tennis Bats

We’ve all been there – you’re playing a game of table tennis with a friend, when two other friends turn up and ask if they can join in. One of them can join in, but you’re lacking a fourth table tennis bat because the dog got to it, or it was left outside by accident, or you accidentally hit the table with it, let’s be honest, we’ve all done this at some point in our lives.

Fortunately for you, if you’re looking for a replacement or additional table tennis bat, then Cornilleau Sport 100 Table Tennis Bat will make an ideal Christmas present.

9) Chrome cue rack

Storing your pool cues is surprisingly important business. You don’t exactly want them lying around on your pool table, as they can damage the table cloth, and you don’t want them lying around the man-cave as they might get stepped upon by accident. So why not get a cue rack to store them in? One cue rack we particularly like is this chrome floor stand rack and it makes an ideal present for the pool player in your life.

10) Whirlwind 57” cue

If you or the pool player in your life is looking for a new cue, then look no further as we’ve got a great suggestion. The Whirlwind 57” cue is a great quality cue, offering both great feel and control in your hands, plus the fact that it’s a two-piece cue means that it’s easily transportable if you fancy taking it out to the local pool hall.

11) Jack Daniel’s Dartboard

For a smaller and more unusual present, why not consider getting a Jack Daniel’s dartboard as a gift for Christmas? It makes a great addition to the man-cave and adds a touch of ambience that you just don’t get normally. Gives a great touch of retro nostalgia to any room you decide to place this accessory in.

12) Custom logo pool table cloth

If you’re wanting a present to make your pool table really unique to your home, then why not get a custom logo pool table cloth for it? You can get any logo or picture printed onto it, so if you’re looking for the ideal custom gift to give to the pool-lover in your life this Christmas, this will make a great addition.

Have you got any ideas for what gifts you’re going to get this Christmas that are going to end up in the man-cave? Let us know in the comments below!