Top Christmas Hacks for Parents

Christmas, the season to be jolly, plus you get to spend even more time than usual with your loved ones. It can be stressful managing both your household and children during the festive season, but worry not. This year, there are some key hacks that you can use to help your Christmas fun go without a hitch. From stress-free Christmas shopping, to confirming that the Christmas magic of Father Christmas is real, or even sending your own Christmas cards before you miss the Royal Mail post deadline, keep these hacks in mind if you want to ensure you get some silent nights this December.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping with kids is stressful, fact. If you have younger children, you may feel slightly like you are playing with fire, as their emotions will be covering all bases at the thought of a visit from Father Christmas. However, this is your year to make sure that you enjoy a stress-free and effective shopping trip – which you will need to treat with military timing and precision. Ideally, hit the shops earlier in the day before everyone else finishes work. Try to avoid your local shopping centre on a Saturday, as both car parks and public transport will be extra busy in the run up to Christmas. Make sure that you plan out exactly which shops you intend to visit, and what you are going to buy on that day. It’s also worth price checking beforehand, so that you don’t splash the cash on an item you can get online. When it comes to kids, make sure that they either help you choose – if they are old enough – or can visit Father Christmas at some point during your outing. A grizzly toddler will make the experience unpleasant for everyone.

Send personalised cards

Christmas may soon be upon us, but why not save time and energy this year with custom Christmas cards. Even if you fear software, or are a self-confessed technophobe, you are taken through step by step instructions, so you can create your own cards to add an extra element of magic and sparkle. Plus, you can even get the kids involved and get them to help you take photos for your own unique design. So, if you thought personalised cards were beyond your skill set, get ahead of the game, and make your Christmas message extra personal.

Father Christmas is real

Like it or not, this year might be the year when your kids start questioning whether Father Christmas and Rudolph make their annual journey. This can be an incredibly difficult topic for most parents to tackle, especially as kids are very inquisitive and nosey at the best of times. If you worry that kids will start checking your emails, then change your partners’ email to ‘Santa’ or even set up a new email account. For serious snoopers, make sure that you don’t leave any presents in the house where they may see them; consider storing them at a relative’s house if you are worried that they will find them. Don’t forget that Father Christmas’ activities can be tracked as he works his way around the globe – even the most sceptical of children will realise just how very busy he is, and how very grateful he will be for a carrot for Rudolph and warming glass of sherry.

Get cooking

No one likes to spend all Christmas day peeling spuds and chopping carrots, so if you are after the ideal hack for your Christmas season then get prepared. No one will even notice if you peel your veggies in advance, plus puddings and cakes can be easily defrosted or heated up to feed extra mouths. So, if you want to get seriously ready and organised this Christmas, then get in the kitchen before the big day.

It can be overwhelming planning for Christmas with your kids. Not only do you want to keep the magic alive, but you also need to keep them occupied and entertained as you get ready for the big day. Make sure that you use as many hacks as possible to your own advantage. Send personalised cards and be sure to have all bases covered when it comes to sceptical kids. Try and do some meal prep before Christmas day too, to avoid hungry mouths. Finally, relax and enjoy yourself. No matter your efforts, your kids are sure to enjoy Christmas with their entire family. Plus, it’s only once a year – so there’s no need to burn yourself out!