And a happy new year to all

I have half a cold. I’ve had half a cold since well before Christmas now (perhaps even as long as October by some reckonings). I’ve come to live with my half cold through necessity though. It’s expanded to a full cold on occasion but then subsided back down to half a cold again.

It’s an odd half cold though, I’m not low level unwell and snotty across the board, rather I have a full head cold but only on the left hand side. I have sinus headaches on the left, a completely blocked left nostril, I can blow horrible substance out of my left side but the right is as clean as a whistle.

This has (perhaps fortunately) meant that my Christmas drinking has been somewhat curtailed, and I’ve returned to work this morning feeling no more than a bit blocked up (on one side) rather than ready to die from a combination of liver failure and sleep deprivation.

The kids haven’t been so lucky, Ned spent his birthday sounding like a mini Barry White, and the other two are coming down with colds just in time to go back to school later this week. Share and share alike, that’s what I say.

Christmas was in many ways quite a good Christmas. Expectations were managed pretty well, the kids got some stuff they wanted without bankrupting us, we did some family stuff, played some games, watched some movies together and generally chilled out without trashing the house completely. In the context of our household, that was pretty exceptional. Nobody got food poisoning, nobody had sick bug, and Fifi even managed to take me running almost every day (bar Christmas day itself). The kids even relented and woke up a little later than normal on Christmas day. Last year they were up at 4am, this year just gone 6am. It was still early but those extra two hours made the world of difference. My body clock decided the natural time for me to wake up is around 8:40am, so getting up at 7 for work today was more than a little bit of a struggle.

All that remains is to see how far the unfounded new year’s optimism can stretch- let’s see if I can make it to the weekend…