Pseudo Sports Day


I’m already seeing people getting cross on Twitter. Twitter to be fair is good for that, it’s very easy to vent in front of a keyboard, something that the hot weather at the moment can only exacerbate, but in this instance the cross-getting is focused and in my opinion justified.

It’s getting towards the end of term so many schools are making use of what little field space hasn’t either been built on, turned into a car park or sold off for housing to have their sports day. All around the country kids are running aimlessly around, picking up bean bags, and generally doing stuff until someone blows a whistle and they move on to something else, with no conclusion or result to their activities. Our kids are a modern day Sisyphus but instead of pushing a rock up a hill and watching it roll back down, they’re running in circles to no purpose. What next? non competitive football? it’s bonkers.

Nobody wins because it’s all designed so nobody loses.

It’s odd, when all our kids were at playgroup, they had sports days or Easter Bonnet competitions where some kids won a prize for doing better than other kids. Nobody died- no life was ruined forever but learning that valuable lesson that you can’t win all the time. I’ve written this post before, 4 years ago when the Boy started Nursery to be precise but nothing has changed.

Shame isn’t it?