WIN a family ticket to screening of Arsenal v Liverpool on 4 March AND more!

On Saturday, March 4, Arsenal’s family screening returns and YOU can win a family ticket to the screening of the Arsenal v Liverpool game at Emirates Stadium!

This event is an exclusive event for Junior Gunners- Arsenal’s young members, but this competition is open to any of our readers aged between 0-16 years.

The youngest age group that Arsenal do junior membership for is the 0-4’s, under their Welcome to our World banner.

The Junior Gunner Family Screening will be packed with fun activities where you will get to:

  • Watch a screening of the exciting away clash against Liverpool 
  • Try out fun football challenges for you to test your skills 
  • Get arty with Arsenal’s arts and crafts sessions
  • Challenge yourself with football skills sessions, hosted by Arsenal Soccer Schools
  • Meet Gunnersaurus
  • And much more!

Enter via the rafflecopter give away below, and good luck!

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Terms & Conditions

The winner gets to bring three guests to the event and the guests do not need to be members but one must be over 18.

Prize is non transferable, no cash alternative is offered, if the winner does not respond by Friday 3rd March, an alternative winner will be chosen.

You will have to provide your own transport the the stadium and the competition is open to residents of the UK only

The prize is offered by Arsenal Football Club, Highbury House | 75 Drayton Park | London | N5 1BU and the promotor, Daddacool, shall not be held responsible for their failure to supply the prize.

Bikes through the decades, which was your favourite?

Born slap bang in the middle of the 1970’s, my first bikes were all very much hand me downs from my older cousins and nothing particularly noteworthy. It being the late 70’s, they were pretty much twice my weight and if I’m being generous made out of steel, if I’m not, cast iron recycled British Leyand Princess’s. My first new bike was an early mark II Rayleigh Grifter and it was magnificent. It had three gears, blue, green and red, operated via a gripshift that meant you could pretend you had a motorbike (with the prerequiste playing card stuck to the frame of course). It was almost impossible to lift it through the gates at either end of the New River footpath because like I said, bikes back then weighed many many tons.

While my Grifter doesn’t appear on the Halford Bikes Through the Decades infographic you can see below, it’s main nemesis the Chopper does. The Chopper was the bike that the cool kids in our class had- the ones who were reading the Dempsey & Makepeace books and pointing out the swearwords to everyone else- but it wasn’t practical enough for my dad to agree with, so I got a Grifter and my brother got the junior version, the Strika. View Full Post

Bored kids? Remake a scene from your favourite movie!

Hand on heart, we get bored. Despite having a house full of toys, games, books and several TV streaming services, on occasion getting outside and doing something silly is the best antidote to being fed up with everything you have.

Today was one such day, so we decided to reshoot my favourite scene from Monty Python & The Holy Grail. Well, the most suitable scene for children anyway. I opted against doing the Grail Shaped Beacon scene. The great thing about the Holy Grail is the whole film was made for under £250,000, which even in 1975 didn’t amount to a whole hill of beans.

Swamp Castle with kids from daddacool on Vimeo.

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The most beautiful little soul

I hit 42 years of age on Saturday. As birthdays go, it wasn’t a great one to be honest, mostly my own fault but I felt a bit flat after Christmas, the weather was awful and we’d arranged my daughters 8th birthday party for the late afternoon.

I’m impossible to buy stuff for because the only things I really want (as oppose to need) are too expensive for presents. You know, a PSVR headset, a nice turntable and an amp, all in the £350 to £600 range, which is about (at the top end anyway) ten times more than have for presents. So I had a nice homemade SpongeBob Square Pants storage box from Fifi and a pair of techno socks* from my lovely wife.

It wasn’t the lack of gifts that made it a bit duff, rather the weather- originally I’d wanted to go out for the day (trip to the rather bleak seaside top of the list) but having Fifi’s party had put the kybosh on that. No problem, we could go out for a walk in the morning. Both the boys protested by taking their socks and trousers off when I suggested this (pants stayed on mercifully), so that didn’t happen. My first trip out for the day saw me go to the DIY store to buy a can of damp sealant. I scraped bumpers with the bloke next door on my way back which was a nightmare I could have done without. It put me a really rotten mood.

The rotten mood was alleviated by Fifi though, who provided me with an envelope containing the following:


Extra birthday present!

A photo posted by Alex Walsh (@daddacool) on

Which was lovely and cheered me up no end. The post title comes from Fifi’s aunty, who made that comment when she saw the letter!

I should point out I’m generally miserable on my birthday, I hate being the centre of attention for simply being a year older, as though I’ve done something to warrant it other than simply not dying. I don’t like people spending money on me either. It’s never anyone else’s fault I have a rubbish day, it’s all self inflicted!




*merino wool walking socks, not some dance through back global hypercolour socks.

The Nintendo Switch Launch

Nintendo, never a company to follow the trend, have launched a new console today, with a release date of 3rd March. That means retail units have already been made to build up stock for launch. They kept that one quiet! The Nintendo Switch unsurprisingly doesn’t follow the trend of more of the same but more powerful than what came before. Don’t get me wrong, I love the PS4 and Xbox One S, they both give a gaming experience that is unparalleled in terms of home console gaming but in a sense they follow a distinct paradigm that was started by Sega and Sony with the Saturn and the Playstation. A disc (and now disc and downloadable content) based system that focuses on 3D grunt. As the grunt gets more grunty, the games look more realistic and become more involved.

Nintendo have looked at the market and decided to do something different. There are some differentiators between the PS4 and Xbox One, the PS4 has it’s new PSVR virtual reality headset, the Xbox One tried motion control with the Kinect but now focuses on a better integrated user experience. In the end, if you’re not willing to shell out £350 for the VR headset, the choice effectively comes down to exclusive games and which system most of your mates have. From Nintendo’s point of view, it seems they decided there was little sense in introducing a third system that was much the same as the other two, that would make for a very crowded market. View Full Post

The Remover of Inconvenient Obstacles

I read a book once where the main baddie was called The Remover of Inconvenient Obstacles. It was a good book and the name stuck with me. We could currently do with a Remover of Inconvenient Obstacles because every way we look there seems to be an insurmountable obstacle.

Yesterday I took a car load of crud to the dump and was there for about an hour and a half queuing, dropping large pieces of chipboard in to skips and individually flatpacking about 40 8 and 16bit computer game cardboard boxes, removing the plastic inserts, and flinging them into a cardboard recycling skip.

It was a large car load too. I now have a company car, a Honda Civic Tourer, which is a posh way of saying estate. With the seats flat, like they were yesterday, it has a boot capacity of over 600 litres. I still had stuff in the passenger foot well.

After that we filled the boot with several hundred (probably somewhere between three and four at a guess) books and drove them round to the Oxfam Bookshop. The staff looked a little shell-shocked as we did about 8 trips to bring them all in.

Next up was six bin bags full of clothes to be recycled. I got rid of some that I have pictures of me wearing on our honeymoon. We were married in 2004. I did find some nice newer stuff that I had forgotten I owned, which was good. Basically I’ve been wearing the same 4 t-shirts on rotation for about a year as anything else requires me to have my section of the wardrobe out in it’s entirety because it’s rammed past capacity with clothes. There is still room for improvement though. I still have 5 pairs of shorts and ten jumpers, which seems a little excessive.

So all this stuff removed, a car full of junk, 3-400 books, 6 bin bags of clothes, it’s transformed our house right?

Nope. While we have almost cleared one bookcase, we still have about 3 ft of books on it and most of the four other bookcases are double stacked. We could easily fill it over again and still not completely un-double stack everything. The garden does look a bit tidier as the horrible plastic toy car has gone but that’s about it.

I keep telling myself it must have made a difference because I can see physically the amount of stuff we’ve removed but it really doesn’t look much different. I suppose the only way forwards is to do it again. And again. And again, until we’ve got next to nothing but space.

Got an Xbox One S for Christmas? Pick up some bargain games!

If you were lucky enough to either get an Xbox One S for Christmas or bought one for your kids, you’re in for a treat. Now is a great time to buy top rated games at a great discount too!

If you’re a fan of EA games, spending £20 on EA Access is a great way to get an instant gaming collection.

You can also get Xbox Live subscriptions fairly cheap, which give you discounts at the MS Store.

But right now there are some great discounts at retailers, and I’ve tabulated a few below. These are all in stock as of publication but stock levels, and prices will change, so be quick! View Full Post


I was twiddling around in Star Wars Battlefront the other day. Twiddling around in is about all I tend to have time for at the moment when it comes to games. I’ve never really played first person shooters on consoles but not for the reason you might expect. Many many years ago, I was quite good at shooters. We’re going back to the days of Doom and Wolfenstein, through to Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 here. All on PC, using a dial up modem.

It’s not that I don’t like playing shooters, it’s more that I can’t face the chore of learning to play shooters with a joypad when I used to be so good at them with a mouse and keyboard. View Full Post

Thinking about a new console for Christmas?


This is question that a scant 12 months ago would have had one obvious answer- you need to buy a Playstation 4. 12 months on though, and the question is anything but easy as Microsoft have spent the year working hard to make the Xbox One every bit as appealing, and in some areas more appealing, than Sony’s mega popular offering.

In many ways the Xbox One S, which hit the shelves a couple of months ago (you can read my review here was the console that MS should have launched with. It’s compact, has an internal PSU, great controllers, a fast intuitive user interface and even plays Ultra HD Blu Ray discs (okay, that’s the one thing it obviously couldn’t have had at launch).  View Full Post

Xbox One S and a Minecraft Masterclass – Part II

In part I of our Xbox One S adventure, we went through what the Xbox One S is and why it’s as cool as ice, especially the version that Microsoft sent us that came bundled with Minecraft!

Part II is now here and you can watch the boy give me a lesson on what Minecraft is and how it works in the video below:

If you got the impression that he loves Minecraft, that’s probably about right! I understand it a bit more now too, Minecraft is more about using the resources and fitting stuff into the game world than just building things out of context.

The beauty of the Xbox One version is that you can easily record what you’re doing and make cool in picture videos if you have a Go Pro or even a smartphone. This made the lad feel one step closer to being like his hero Dan TDM (Daniel Middleton, one of those YouTubers that your child will no doubt have heard of and contributed to his wealth by watching lots of his videos).

Minecraft lends itself well to a controller, I’ve never managed to suss the touchscreen controls when the boy has tried to show me on his iPad before but once he relinquished the controller (you can do split screen on the Xbox One), I was soon whizzing around like nobodies business.

The Xbox One S is Microsofts most powerful console to date and it’s more than a match for running Minecraft at top speed. The Xbox One S Minecraft pack retails for £249 RRP but there are some crazy prices around at the moment and if you’re considering buying what I consider the best console on the market at the moment, you should snap one up now while they’re still going for £199 at places like Argos and John Lewis.